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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and finally tonight, though the holidays are over perhaps you are looking for that one last unique gift for are somebody really special. maybe something old or something new or both. take a look. >> long ago the three wisemen came bearing gifts. now, your gift giving problems are over. mirrh shampoo and serial and sports drinks and tub and shower caulk. when it is the thought that counts. >> thanks for inviting us into your home. that will do it for special report. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is the fox report. tonight, standoff and the blame game as we teether on edge of
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the fiscal cliff. the senate back in session but so far all that is getting debated in washington is who is at fault. >> we wanted an agreement. but we had no takers. >> millions of middle class families are nervously watching and waiting and counting down the moments. >> harris: and we don't have many moments left. tonight, the president back in washington. will they cut a last minute deal. and if washington can't get it done we could feel the pinch in our first pay check of the new year. snow and sleet making for some very dangerous driving. >> i have seen ten cars in an accident. >> i saw a jackknifed tractor trailer. >> i saw a lexus fly into a ditch. it is pretty slippery out there. >> and flying not much better. >> we got on the plane and sat for three hours.
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>> harris: tonight, a monster storm on the move. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. the impending fiscal cliff that stands to affect the first pay check you get next month unless, of course, lawmakers can find a solution. today the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said there is still time to work out a deal. however, there is no firm evidence of any real plan. here is what we do know tonight. president obama cutting his vacation short arriving back in washington today. house lawmakers announcing late today they are now planning to return on sunday. but listen to the rhetoric. and you have to question whether that will do any good because near early everything that is coming out of d.c. is about blame. not answers. >> speaker boehner should call members of the house back to washington today. he shouldn't have let them go in fact. they are not here. they are not here. john boehner seems to care more
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about keeping his speakership than about keeping the nation on firm financial footing. >> harris: a spokesman for john boehner fired back "senator reid should talk less and legislate more." and senate minority leader mcconnell saying we should have worked all this out months ago. >> and republicans aren't about to write a blank check or anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> harris: tonight, that is exactly where we stand. at the edge of a cliff throwing blame for how you we got here. a lot of finger pointing and no answers as i said and just days remaining until tax increases and spending cuts all kick in and we all feel the pain. mike emanuel live with the news for us tonight on capitol hill. top democrats seem to be suggesting they cannot cut a deal without republican help. >> well, harris, that is right. and so they are asking what it will take to at least get some republican support. they say time is so critical.
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they cannot just roll out new legislation only to have the republicans reject it. we know president obama called the top four congressional leaders last night on his way back from hawaii. tomorrow afternoon at the white house will be a meeting between the president and those top four congressional leaders and earlier the top senate democrat expressed concern or frustration saying you cannot legislate with yourself. >> the republicans in the house have left town. the negotiations between the president and the speaker have fallen apart as they have for the last three and a half years. we have tried mightily to get something done. >> now, perhaps in an effort to address that we know late today senator reid who you heard from there went to meet with his counter part senator mcconnell the top republican in the senate, perhaps talking about what it will take to bring some republicans along on a potential deal. harris? >> harris: a lot of energy
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spent on all this going back and forth. in fact, leading republicans suggesting a great deal of time has been wasted on politics. >> that is precisely right. they note that the house republicans tried to address the issues this summer and voted to extend all of the bush tax cuts and voted on an alternative to the automatic spending cuts that are due to kick in in the new you year and today the top senate republican said why wasn't this addressed months ago? >> we wanted an agreement. but we had no takers. the phone never rang. and so now here we are five days from the new year and we might finally start talking. >> so clearly a lot of blame game back and forth between republican and democrats but perhaps most importantly a white house meeting tomorrow with all of the key players face to face with the president. harris? >> they are talking. now, if we could just get them
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to talk to each other. the president and senate already returned and now we know house lawmakers due you to come back on sunday. >> there was a quarterback between the house gop leadership and rank and file members. i talked to a member who was on that call and he said that a lot of the members did want to come back earlier to address some of the issues and also argue their case to the american people from here at the u.s. capitol. but unified they say ultimately they will come back sunday afternoon and be available sunday evening for possible votes. votes. that is does 30 as we get mighty close to the fiscal cliff. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel thank you very much. more coming up on the get-together tomorrow at the white house whether it will be or not to try to work out a solution. that is coming up at the bottom of the hour. the stubborn winter storm sticking around across much of the nation's eastern half. the same weather system that slammed the south and dumped know snow on the midwest bringing misery to the
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northeast and new england. causing new trouble for post holiday travelers. an american airlines plane ended up stranded on a snow. >> tarmac in pittsburgh. just outside new york city a southwest jet got stuck in the mud after skidding off the runway. in some of the hardest hit area the roads are even worse. >> i lost count of number of cars in the ditch. a jackknifed tractor trailer and a horse trailer turned over. >> i have seen ten cars in an accident. i saw a lexus fly into the ditch. >> i wish people would slow down a little bit, you know. it is pretty slick. >> harris: the storm will go into the his tor the history br leaving behind a path of destruction from a tornado jut broke in the south to a record snowfall in arkansas that katipoer to hundreds of homes and businesses. some still without tonight. officials shay could be the situation for up to a week. meanwhile, heavy snow still falling across parts of the
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northeast even as people are already starting to dig out. straight to anna koiman live in pennsylvania. the conditions there? >> i can tell you that the death toll has crept up to 16 as a result of the storm that began wreaking havoc on christmas day in the midwest and the south and winter storm warnings remain in effect in northern length where dangerous road conditions expected to persist throughout the morning. some folks who have grown accustomed to lake effect snow say the first snowstorm of the season still caught them off-guard. >> can never be prepared for this kind of stuff. i don't care how long you live here. you can never be prepared for this stuff. it's cold. a lot of snow. a lot of work. but it's got to get done. >> and many roads are still covered with snow harris but conditions are improving. in fact, state officials lifted travel restrictions along the pennsylvania turnpike and this winter storm really comes as welcome news to some like ski
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resorts in vermont that are are bragging about 20-inch is of snow they have had in the last 24 hours. >> harris: so a silver lining monetary for them. the rain and wind were also problematic. >> the coastal states in particular but really this is causing all sorts of delays and cancellations. some 700 cancellations at airports today. 1600 cancellations yesterday. and really adding insult to injury as well, flooding in parts of new jersey that are already reeling from superstorm sandy. >> the winds were very strong last night. plus we are more vulnerable now because we don't have any sand out on the beach. >> we went through the previous storm and it was bad. i didn't expect another one that quickly. >> and harris, forecasters predicting an additional 4-8-inches of snow overnight in maine. back to you. >> harris: and ney kooiman thank you very much.
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let's learn more about what is coming. >> watching the storm moving east of new england. see it almost in the swirl in the cloud cover. there located in the large circulation coming around the storm. still strong windy conditions through the northeast and heavy snows flying across northern new england on into northern maine. the storm did leave behind a swath of snow west of new york city and into southern new england. a 4-8-inch swath of snow and up towards northern and central new england those areas picking up 10-15-inches of snow. not great news for travelers but better news for the ski resorts which had a devastating winter last year. >> harris: we still have another hall day to get through. where is the next storm and what should we expect, nick? >> tracking it now. already producing light snow across parts of minnesota in towards wisconsin but energy is diving across the southern
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states. as we look at the futurecast computer model you will watch the energy come out of this storm and produce potentially thunderstorms in the mississippi valley region. look what blossoms. potentially strong thunderstorms through the southeastern states once again and this storm moves towards the mid atlantic coast with that swath of snow along the i-95 corridor from washington, d.c. to new york to philly to boston. 5-10-inches of snow could be expected on saturday. >> thank you very much. american families adopt hundreds of children from russia each year. today a new sign the russian government could soon ban all of those adoptions entirely. russia's president vladimir putin weighing in on the matter today. what his decision could mean for the children waiting to join families right here in the united states. and the latest on the condition of former president george h.w. bush after his
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spokesperson confirmed "a series of setbacks" have put the president in the intensive care unit. we are live outside the hospital. stay close.
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family and friends now visiting the former president george h.w. bush who is hospitalized in houston, texas. doctors moved president bush to the intensive care unit after a series of setbacks including a fever and cough that were not going away.
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the president is the oldest live willing former leader of our nation at age 88. but today in his e-mail to his staff he suggested the president is not on his death bed. he said "president bush would ask me to tell you to please put the harps back in the closet." randy wallace from our fox station kriv fox 26 live outside the hospital there in houston. randy, what is the latest on the president's condition? well, we heard kind of conflicting things all day today. it was on sunday when former president bush was put into the intensive care unit here at meth though difficult hospital. methodist hospital. he was admitted here for bronchitis on november 7 and on november 19 released. the day after thanksgiving he was readmitted to the hospital and has been here ever since.
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doctors thought that the president would be home for christmas but when they finally got the persistent cough that was going along with the bronchitis under control he just had the fiver that for the last three days has elevated and gone up and that has been the doctors' biggest concern here is fever he has been battling. >> harris: the president has had plenty of visitors over the christmas wh holiday. who has been here? >> on christmas day he was visited by his son neal, his wife and grandson pierce. they brought in chinese food. there is a chinese restaurant that the bush family traditionally goes there for christmas dinner. they brought it to him. and on that day we were told that he was conscious and joking around with the doctors and the nurses. and so he was feeling pretty good on christmas day. >> harris: randy wallace with our fox affiliate in houston
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tonight report aring outside the hospital. thank you you very much for the latest on that. the obama administration's environmental watch dog who has played a major role in projects including the keystone exxon oil pipeline is stepping down. lisa jackson resigning after near early four years as administrator for the epa. in a statement jackson said she would like to explore new opportunities to make a difference. president obama called her an important part of his team but at the same time opponents accused her agency of waging a war on coal and the republican chair of the house energy committee said he planned to call h her in to questioning so often she would need her are own parking spot on capitol hill. also a d.c. attorney is suing the epa over jackson's apparent use of alias e-mail accounts. the justice department set to release thousands of those messages and that attorney tells fox news .com that could be the reason why jackson is quitting. no comment from the agency.
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the russian president vladimir putin now you saying that he will sign a bill to ban americans from adopting russian children. the move viewed as retaliation for an american law that targets russian human rights violators. over the past two decades american families have adopted some 60,000 russian kids. the united nations children's fund estimates there are 740,000 orphans in the country with only a few thousand russians trying to adopt them. we will see an immediate impact. a russian official says 46 children whom americans are right in the process is of adopting right now you would not be able to leave the country. >> usually typically depending on the region a 10 day waiting period and those 46 parent ares, couples are in the ten day wait so it is devastating that they already met their child and started the bonding process. i can't even fathom what they are going through. >> heart break. and teleenviesed comments the
4:19 pm
president said countries should take care of their own and added with some sarcasm there are probably many places in the world where living standards are so higher than ours. so what, are we going to send our children there? maybe we should move there ourselves. children's rights advocates say it will have a strong effect with orphans with serious health problems with fewer of them finding homes or even surviving. gun rights advocates and local lawmakers joining together in the push to put armed teachers in schools as others take action to get guns off the streets. how both sides are stepping up efforts in the wake of the sandy hook school shooting. and trying to find a peaceful end to the civil war in syria. some say any proposal that includes anybody from the current government won't stop the fight. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> harris: breaking news now on the fox report and the pentagon confirming to fox news that retired general norman schwarzkopf has died. he commanded the coalition that pushed saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait in 1991. bob scales on the phone with us now. general scales you wrote a book called certain victory and you have a lot of knowledge of the history of the iraq war but personal knowledge with this man. you call him truly the first great american hero after vietnam. your thoughts? >> that is exactly right, harris. remember, i come from the same generation as general schwarzkopf and the vector was the vindication of my generation report vietnam generation because it was our first great military victory after defeat in vietnam and he took that personally.
4:24 pm
i knew general schwarzkopf well, going back to his time as a major in the pentagon. he also carried in his sack this rock that had the sigma that went with the defeat in vietnam. when defeated the iraqi military in the plains of iraq, when was able to do that one of the first things he said at the truce tent was this is a vindication for my generation, harris. so detail on his life, general scales, many people may not know. he was born in trenton, new jersey. in fact, his father founded and was heading the new jersey state police force. i mean he had a great background as a child in leadership in his home. >> remember, his dad was the one that led the investigation in the lindbergh son's kidnapping in the 1930s. he was already a national figure. he went to westpoint, class of
4:25 pm
1956. he had one of the highest i.q.s in his class. he was always a big burrly bear of a guy. he was always outspoken. and he and his wife barbara were sort of bigger than life figures in the army when i was a major and a lieutenant colonel and i always had enormous respect for him. when was chose ton head the coalition effort in iraq a lot of people had doubts about norman schwarzkopf but by golly once saddam hussein was defeated and the iraqi army collapsed after 100 hours of the ground war his reputation was clear early vindicated, harris. >> harris: i want to ask you about a detail in general schwarzkopf's background and it has to do with his upbringing. i january stand he moved to iran when was 12 years old. when would talk and have knowledge about that part of the world it came from it a place that was truly genuine with him. >> that's right. and remember he was central command commander when the war broke out and he had spent a great deal of time in the
4:26 pm
middle east and knew the middle east intimately. not only in iran but also in saudi arabia. so i guess in a way that once the war started and president bush asked him to take on this mission, he had already had sort of a graduate level education if you will in howards are fought in the desert and that separated him in many ways from his four star contemporaries who were mainly back in those days focused on fighting the war in europe. >> harris: for people just joining us, general norman schwarzkopf has died. he led operation desert shield and desert storm which were the largest deployments of u.s. forces and equipment since the vietnam war and general scales you just mentioned president george h.w. bush is ailing in the hospital but we have just gotten a statement from the former president and i want to share it with our viewers if you are still with us. the former president says "barbara and i mourn the loss of a true american patriot and
4:27 pm
one of the great mill tare leaders of our generation. hailing from westpoint. general norman schwarzkopf to me epitomized the service the dallesty creed that served our great nation through this trying natural crises. a good and decent man and a good friend. barbara and i send our condolences to his from our family. this from president george h.w. bush ailing in the hospital but speaking out in his statement about the passing of general schwarzkopf. general scales, are you still with us by phone? did we lose him? we will try to get him back. tonight, general norman schwarzkopf. i apologize i'm being told some direction here as we try to get our guest back.
4:28 pm
we are bringing you this news as we are first learning it. i just read to you the statement from president h.w. bush. operation desert shield and storm. deployments of u.s. forces were the largest since the vietnam war and the impact that his military leadership had on this country tremendous. the loss being felt across the pentagon and those who have both served with him and knew him talking tonight. general jack keene former vice chief of staff of the army joining us by phone. general keene? >> hi. >> harris: i wish it were for a different occasion tonight. but i want to get your thoughts now on the passing of general schwarzkopf. >> i have tremendous admiration with the general and a personal relationship with him. i served with him for a number of years in alaska. i was a captain and he promoted me to major and i spent time with him pr pro pro federal
4:29 pm
governmentally and secretary of state socially. he is a charismatic larger than life leader. a guy that didn't need to be instructed on how you to be a leader. he was one of those very view people that was -- very few people that was born with the gift of leadership. the overwhelming majority of dll of our leaders it is a experience as a result of training and education but schwarzkopf was gifted in that sense. he knew people and knew how to mckinley motivate them -- how to motivate them and inspire them. the cultivation of that came with desert shield and desert storm and how he inspired all of the soldiers and the tremendous accomplishment that they all achieved together under h his marvelous leadership. >> general keene, having grown up in a military household myself, i know that sometimes generals like yourself and
4:30 pm
others can seem inaccessible to the american people. i read that general schwarzkopf had a way of getting people to understand how person our leadership in the world was. >> there is no doubt about that. i mean he had huge communication skills and i think one of the most brilliant things i have seen was after the successful campaign in desert storm he took to the podium and described this incredible campaign. i remember the anchor at the time who will go nameless said i never heard anything like that in my life and the way he was able to communicate, you know, something was militarily complicated but nonetheless bring it home to the american people what he was doing. and he also had a tremendous feel for the youngsters, you know, in the military, our soldiers and the people that really do the fighting and tragically do most of the dying as well and he was a huge heart
4:31 pm
for them and also for their families and he is a bear of a man physically but, you know, he had a huge heart. it was as big as his body and put those arms around people day in and day out in terms of his emotions and the special gifts that he had in being able to communicate with people. >> general keane, would you say that he had quite an impact and if so how on maybe putting a face on the wars that we were fighting and what our missions were there? >> well, i think, you know, most the significantly what general schwarzkopf, the united states army came out of of the vietnam war with huge problems in terms of how that war ended. and so many people left the army result of it because they felt the war had been lost. militarily, i think the military did very well.
4:32 pm
nonetheless, we had significant problems. the volunteer army grew and we rebuilt the army for a number of years and the american people some of them weren't privileged to understand what was happening. the manifestation of that rebuilding was desert storm under the leadership of norman schwarzkopf. the american people saw first hand this is an unbelievable military that we have and quite extraordinary. and actually it was the best in the world at the time and still is to this very day. that was the beginning of it and norman schwarzkopf brought that to everybody's home to see how wonderful their youngsters were and leading that war and being able to accomplish. >> harris: general jack keane. thank you for your thoughts. general norman schwarzkopf dead tonight. a u.s. pentagon officialy in confirming to fox news. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto.
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general norman schwarzkopf has passed away. just getting it confirmed on the fox report this hour from the pentagon, u.s. officials telling us that general h. norman schwarzkopf who commanded the coalition that drove out saddam hussein forces in sue wait in 1991 known as stormin' norman has died tonight at the age of 78. we are waiting to learn more details about the situation. in tampa, florida, is where he was. that is about all of the detail we know about this. we are learning so much more from people who new him tonight on a personal note. we know his resume but general bob scales joins us now. he is a fox news military analyst and tonight someone who can tell us all about general norman schwarzkopf. wrote a book called "certain victor arery" about the history of the iraq war.
4:37 pm
you are back with us? >> i sure am. >> harris: i'm glad you are back. your perspective on this man is so helpful. way tonight get your thoughts again about the passing of general. >> i knew major schwarzkopf and his wonderful wife brenda when i was a captain. we both worked in the pentagon at the time and i remember that he was absolutely bigger than life. he had a severe back problem. and he had trouble just getting out of bed in the morning but he was such a dedicated soldier and so committed to his service that he managed to work through pain all those years. and then when was selected as cencomm commander many i guess in the army thought that well, maybe we will just put norm out to pasture and, of course, what happened as you know is that saddam hussein invaded kuwait and the rest as they say is history. he was the one who came up with the idea of the great wheel. the great turning movement that completely bypassed the iraqi
4:38 pm
army centers of resistance and enveloped them north of kuwait city and collapsed the republican guard from the inside out. and remember back in those days for those of our generation remember that the casualty estimates were like 30,000 american casualties at the hands of the iraqis and in truth the casualties were measured, well, basically in the hundreds. a lot had to do with schwarzkopf's operational genius and his ability to understand the enemy and innovative approach to maneuver. almost as if he sort of resurrected mounted warfare for the american army in the '90s and the result as you know was a complete collapse of the iraqi army. >> harris: you mentioned his leadership of cencom, the head quarters responsible for u.s. military and security concerns for nearly 20 countries from the eastern mediterranean, africa to pakistan. and general scales moments ago when we were learning this news
4:39 pm
i asked you about his upbringing. i thought it was interesting the detail that as a child at age 12 general schwarzkopf lived in iran and that gave him special perspective on that part of the world. >> yeah, that's right. remember, his father was a graduate of westpoint class of 1917. and in the '40s and '50s his father made repeated trips to the middle east. intimate not only of the iranian royal family but also the saudi arabiaian royal family. schwarzkopf had a remarkable leavening if you will in the warfare in the middle east that served him in good stead when took over command of u.s. forces in cencom. >> harris: thank you so much for your time tonight. i want to remind everybody that form arer president george h h.w. bush s hospitalized tonight but he has issued a statement which i will read in part to share with our viewers.
4:40 pm
i know you had some thoughts about this, general scales as well. a statement by president george h.w. bush on the passing of general, jr. ", barbara and i mourn the loss of a true american patriot and one of the great military leaders of his generation. general norman schwarzkopf to me epitomized the duty, service, country, creed that has defended our freedom and seen this great nation through our most trying international crises. general scales, fox news military analyst joining us on this breaking news story. i appreciate your time by phone tonight. we will continue to cover this as the details come in. we will update you as we learn more. we can tell you that the general lived in retirement in tampa, florida and we are waiting for more details on this story. for now, congressional leaders now confirming they are going to the white house tomorrow to try to find a solution to the fiscal cliff.
4:41 pm
a with us white house official saying the president will movie theater harry reid, mitch mcconnell, john boehner and nancy pelosi. if they can't work this out and we go over the cliff it means smaller pay checks automatic spending cuts and according to some economists possibly another recession. molly henneberg tracking developments tonight at the white house. what are you hearing? >> hi, harris. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell confirmed it and the white house made it official. there will be a hearing here tomorrow according to a white house aide. it will be on the schedule that the president will talk fiscal cliff with those four top congressional leaders that you mentioned, harris. the president returned to washington today. he cut his hawaiian vacation short to get back to the white house for any possible last minute fiscal cliff meetings and it appears there will be one tomorrow. harris? >> well, what kind of response is the president getting from lawmakers at this point? >> well, senate republicans say they are willing to listen to any ideas the president has as
4:42 pm
to how to find a way forward. here is more. >> last night i told the president we would be happy to look at whatever he proposes. but the truth is we are coming up against a hard deadline here. and as i said, this is a conversation we should have is had months ago. and republicans aren't about to write a blank check for anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> the senate is in session and this is the first time either the house or senate has been in session for legislative business between christmas and new year's since 1970. harris? >> harris: not to put too fine a point on, it i guess it is politics, i don't know. saw what looks like a bit of taunting teen the top senate democrat and the top house republican. >> a bit of taunting that happens sometime on capitol hill. the senate was in session and the house is not in session yet.
4:43 pm
here is what the top senate democrat said about that today. >> the house of representatives as we speak with four days left after today before the first year aren't here with the speaker having told them he will give them 48 hours notice. i can't imagine their consciences. they are out whereever they are around the country and we are here trying to get something done. >> in response, a spokesman for speaker john boehner said quote, senator reid should talk less and legislate more. the house already passed legislation to avoid the entire fiscal cliff. senate democrats have not. the house will be in session on sunday. harris? >> molly henneberg with the latest outside the white house. thank you, molly. >> for now, rebuilding after disaster. >> when a tornado took out their church members of this community went to work and found inspiration in the
4:44 pm
wreckage. >> in the midst of the worse there is good things to come out. >> fixing a building while feeding the soul. that is coming up.
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
>> harris: 200 tornadoes tore through the southern united states in a single day last year, killing more than 300 people. one of those twisters chewed up the town of tuscaloosa, alabama. 65 people died that day. it was among the deadliest
4:47 pm
single tornado outbreaks in u.s. history and turned much of that area including a church there to rubble. now, more than a year later that community is just starting to rebuild. elizabeth prann is live for us. what do the church members have to do to go through the process? >> had to get reimbursements from fema and from the insurance companies but it was all worth it in the long run. >> i heard the wind. >> dorothy couldn't believe her eyes when she saw what the 2011 tornadoes did to her tuscaloosa church. >> i was shocked to see how much damage it did. >> after serving the community since 1920, alberta baptist was damaged beyond repair when the storm hit and they were forced to use another church miles awar for prayer. >> the heart of the city was ripped apart about by the tornado. >> the spirit of service still remains on the old site.
4:48 pm
they hughes the parking lot for week meetings and community service. >> people were coming it in from all over the united states with supplies and food and clothing. >> for more than a year the state of the church was uncertain. road blocks like resistance from insurance companies and special building permits required by fema threatened reconstruction plans. but church leaders worked hard to clear hurdles and cut through red tape. >> for a long time we did not know if we could actually come back to the original site here but now that way has been saved and so we are deh delight. >> despite the attacked there has been ongoing construction the church is helping out the community. just in time for christmas they donated more than 100 to 100 family's gifts and foods so they were able to survive the holiday season just fine. >> harris: police in one city collected thousands of firearms just today alone. part of a gun buyback program.
4:49 pm
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>> harris: the sandy hook school shooting has renewed efforts to put armed teachers in our nation's classrooms. in ohio, a firearms group says it is launching a test program to train 2 dozen teachers in tactical guns. in utah, gun rights advocates offering six hours of gun weapons training for some 200 teachers and in arizona the state attorney general making a push to let school principals or one other member on staff carry a gun. >> we would provide the training in marksmanship and judgment and simulations to be sure they are well trained to
4:53 pm
handle an emergency and they would be able to have a gun at school locked up in a secure place. >> harris: last week the head of the nation's largest gun rights lobby the national rifle association called for an armed guard in every school. in los angeles, officials moved up a gun buyback program in response to the sandy hook tragedy. long lines of people showed up at two locations exchange weapons for supermarket gift cards. they usually hold the program in may but the school shooting in newtown, connecticut prompted them to hold a sooner. police officer collecting more than 2,000 firearms. >> they are unwanted guns. they are exactly the kind of guns that fall into the hands of untrained people who are not their owners and are used for deadly purpose. >> harris: officials saying the haul included more than 900 and thousands of assault rifles. they will melt them down to keep them off the streets for
4:54 pm
good. a a tropical terrorism rips through an island nation. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. philippines. rivers overflowing their banks. flooding roads in the central part of the nation. three people from one family reportedly killed when a tree fell on their house. thousands of people evacuated to temporary shelters. the storm comes three weeks after a huge typhoon devastated the south, killing more than a thousand people. peru. torrential rain flooding the central amazon, driving hundreds of families out of their homes to higher grounds. the raging water uprooting trees and stranding vehicles. please and locals forming a human chain to rescue people from a flooded road. nicnicaragua.
4:55 pm
government officials ordering people within a two mile radius to prepare to leave. the same volodymyr erup volcand earlier this year. china. a huge fish tank holding sharks burst wide open at a shopping mall. security video capturing the moment the glass broke. saturdays of glass covering some shoppers. local media reporting several people with injuries from cuts to a broken leg. some of those lem on sharks, fish around turtles died. that s a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> harris: more on the breaking news at this hour. the death of retired general norman schwarzkopf. his extraordinary life and military career, next. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ >> harris: updating some of our top stories tonight. president obama set to meet with mouse and senate leaders from both parties tomorrow to work out a deal hopefully to avert the fiscal cliff. and former president george h.w. bush remains in intensive care at a houston hospital after a series of health setbacks. and the former president among those tonight mourning the death of the legendary american general storm norman schwarzkopf. he booted saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait in the he died in central florida.
4:59 pm
the assignment the last chanter in an extraordinary olive of service. general schwarzkopf was one of the most well known commanders in modern mill tare arery history. >> he most certainly was. his command of the gulf war inspired me to become a war correspondent. although he had a long connection with that region. he was obviously -- famous for being commander of the forces during the golf war. he had gone to school in tehran and iran as a kid. they were stationed there. schwarzkopf guided military school before serving in the south vietnamese airborne division. by the time he was a lieutenant colonel he distinguished himself by helping rescue men of his battalion from a minefield. in the late '80s promoted to general aappointed the commander in chief of the u.s. central command. the middle east fell under his responsibility and so it
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